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 first doublebass
 second doublebass
 bass C-extensions
 basses of ISB 2011
 a large violoncello
 baroque violin
 a bass restoration
 fitting a bridge

 on consignment:
Speyer 3/4 bass
Romanian carved bass
Rainbow doublebass case
1993 Hofner doublebass
Chinese carved bass
Temesvari Peter 2005 violin
John Loring 1887 violin
Seifert violin bow
Paulo Lorenzo 2005 bass
Arturo Virgoletti 2008 violin
Collin-Mezin 1893 violin
Carrodus 1891 violin
Duerer violin with a bow
7/8ths size Chinese bass
Hill bow
Loso violoncello
1/4-size Bohemian bass
Zak Stolk 2004 bass