Last updated: November 29, 2023

Immunotherapy didn't work, so the various metastatic kidney cancer tumours have grown slightly, with several new tumours showing up besides, as of my last scan in August, and treatments were cancelled. I had more radiation to kill off 4 tiny new lesions in my brain in mid-November. Now awaiting a CT scan in early December, then a blood test a week later, an oncologist visit to discuss scan and blood work just before Christmas. There was talk again, as a year earlier, of entering me into a clinical trial which is showing great results... but with the recurring brain lesions that will likely again exclude me. Not sure why BC Cancer dangles that hope, when they have my records and can see the kidney cancer keeps showing up in the brain, making that trial treatment extremely dangerous. Oh well, hoping some sort of treatment starts in January. Some abdominal pains are becoming a bit annoying. And the system's delays and even forgetfulness make it seem likely to get quite a bit worse before anything is done. Earlier this month I had an oncologist apologise to me 5 times during a 10 minute phone call, as he couldn't understand how it seemed my case had been dropped from the schedule completely. It had been marked as needing no further attention after my brain radiation treatment, only a follow-up scan in 6 months. Nothing in the charts showing any work to be done on the main cancer. As so many are saying, our health care system is in trouble.

I expected the economic situation to get worse - have been expecting everything to more or less collapse since spring of 2020. Seems momentum makes that take a while. But my income is directly tied to musicians' incomes, their ability to get gigs, to earn a few bucks here and there at restaurants and clubs, or more formal recitals. Seems VSO players continue to do alright. But as for everyone else? With my monthly income in September being almost $1,200, October jumping to $1,350, and now November looking like it'll almost get to $800, it is plain that musical performance for money is almost non-existent.

I've never earned a lot. For the year leading up to March of 2020, I was getting close to $3,000 per month; enough that bills generally got paid on time and we ate well, and there was even a little available for the odd treat, like dining out with my family. Debt is piling up, as I'm sure it must be for many of the thousands of musicians I've met over the years. Some are retired now and not too worried, though they wish there were more opportunities to perform, just because it's enjoyable. For the younger players, well, I hope things improve, but rather doubt that will happen any time soon. Those in control are driving us towards ever more desperate conditions, in aid of deepening their control over more compliant, needy populations and installing a grossly authoritarian, invasive globalist regime. Seems all we can do is watch and wait, muddle through somehow, and hope their effort fails. But with normalcy bias keeping the usual 80% obedient and blinded to what's happening... Anyway, best of luck to all of you.

A young player's family has found her a more advanced instrument, better suited to her size, so this small-ish 3/4 size Stentor bass is available. As usual for the past few years, I'm not keeping it here, so let me know if you'd like to be put in contact with the family to arrange playing it.

A retiring player is selling Prochownik and LaMay doublebass bows, in German style, both bought new in the early 1980's, both freshly rehaired and in excellent condition, asking $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

Gerard and son Haru, checking strength of restored Bohemian bass belly My shop is also my home,
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