Last updated: January 27, 2023

Long talk with a radiation oncologist today. Lots of notes taken. Seems the single tiny lesion noted in mid-November on the left side of my brain, on the temporal lobe, which was about about 2mm x 4mm at the time, has now grown to 16mm. So that has quadrupled in scale in 2 months. And two new lesions have appeared on the right side, closer to the original surgery for an unrelated and very old tumour.

As immune therapy is dangerous when related brain tumours are present (possibility of the immune system attacking unrelated tissues in the brain), stereotactic radiosurgery preparations start on the 6th, mapping after making an immobilizing mask, then the procedure itself on the 13th. With that 20-minute procedure out of the way, immune therapy for the kidney can be scheduled.

This doctor is also going to put me in touch with a better neurologist, as he agreed the previous one to call was behaving in a somewhat bizarre manner. We'll discuss alternatives to keppra. Going on a half dose starting on January 9th has helped a lot, letting me work a little. I've managed some progress restoring a 170-year-old violin, and a little on a similarly old cello, but need to do more.

A retiring player is selling Prochownik and LaMay doublebass bows, in German style, both bought new in the early 1980's, both freshly rehaired and in excellent condition.
Gerard and son Haru, checking strength of restored Bohemian bass belly My shop is also my home,
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