Last updated: May 14, 2024

I have reached out to several players whose instruments I have taken on consigment, advising them to retreive these things from my family, giving their phone numbers. For privacy reasons I do not wish to divulge their numbers online.

It seems I may not live beyond the next little while, in spite of best efforts from BC Cancer and other doctors, nurses, friends, and family. Drug side effects have contributed to difficulties with basic things like eating and general mobility. As said the Dread Pirate Roberts in 'The Princess Bride' - "I may kill you in the morning." So it goes. It has been an honour to work more than half of my lifetime for musicians. Though I'm only 62, it seems so long that I barely remember not being in conversations with musicians. Such good folks generally. I've had so many good dealings with you people, thank you for that. If I'm around in a year or ten, I'll laugh

Gerard and son Haru, checking strength of restored Bohemian bass belly My shop is also my home,
in Vancouver, BC, Canada
call or text message: 604 253 2503